Expenses are not showing since the update 14.5.40

Since i update to 14.5.40 today, now all my expenses for the months of “Jan to April” are NOT showing on the Summary - Financial Performance, and in the Profit and Loss Statement reports.

My YTD is 01/01/2014, and Financial Performance for the period from 01/01/2014 to 03/04/2014.

Yesterday, everything was working great, and I tried to delete the new version and return to 14.5.39 version, I was unable to open the file, because i updated to the new version 14.5.40.

So now i can only use the newest version 14.5.40, and it’s not working properly for me not showing 4 months of Expenses.

So please, can you fix this problem soon, and does anyone else is having the same problem!

I do love your program and it simplicity.

Go to Settings, then Start Date and set the date when you started to record day to day transactions to Manager. It is probably set incorrectly. That will fix the problem.

Start date was part of the program for some time but it was quite hidden so nobody really saw it. And start date is needed for the purpose of setting up opening balances.

I did not see that new Start Date, so now it working properly with the correct date.