Newbie question: Unable to email invoice?

Super new to manager, just tried to send my invoice via email and it won’t do it. I am using desktop version, it said’ host is down’ and crashed.

Can you show screenshot what exactly do you see when sending email fails?

error.pdf (13.8 KB)

Thank you for replying, it seemed quite straight forward to use, but it says this every time I try to send the email.
Thanks in advance.

Are you using Custom SMTP server ? You can go to Settings tab, then Email settings to check.

Hi Lubos,
Thanks for replying so quickly, I have no idea what an SMTP server is, but I will go check the settings.

That means you are not using custom SMTP server. If you are getting this error in the latest version which you have download from, then something on your computer is blocking Manager from connecting to the Internet send the email.

Hi Lubos,
Ahh, okay, so I need to go fiddle with my settings. Thank you so much.:slight_smile:

Thank you Lubos, all sorted.:slight_smile: