Emailing Invoices

Have never had any trouble sending emails until today when I received this message

Internal Server Error (Error 2)

It was probably once-off error. Try sending invoice again.

I am a little confused with how Manager emails invoices etc. Could I be dreaming but I seem to remember when trying an earlier version on Linux Mint15 that it opened my default email program and had attached the PDF ready for me to add a message and then send (keeping a copy in my sent folders).
Now that I updated to Mint 17 and installed latest version of Manager, which I am running live for the last 2 days, it has on one occasion sent the invoice as an attachment, and now on each test, sends a link to what appears to be a site run by Manager ( eg

Am I dreaming of did Manager have the ability (by default) to use the default email application in Linux?

Make sure Tracking is disabled when sending email. Then PDF will be received as an attachment rather than online link.

I have tried emailing Invoice again and received same message

Is this a problem with one specific invoice or does this happen with all invoices?

I have tried about six more invoices and get the same message

What happens when you try to email some report such as Balance sheet or Profit & Loss Statement? Can you try that?

Based on what you are saying, it’s not an issue with your Internet. There is something about your invoice that makes it not work so I assume when sending some basic report like Balance sheet it should be working. Can you confirm?

Yes I successfully emailed a balance sheet

I then tried another invoice and got same error message

I have been emailing invoices for over twelve months and never had a problem, I don’t believe I have changed anything. Invoices are still much the same.

I have the same error message when sending quotes, purchase orders and invoices. Sometimes it can come up with the error code 8 or more times then all of a sudden it sends it.

I have been persisting with trying to send emails. All have failed until I checked box “enable tracking” and then they were successfully sent

I think the issue is logo on your invoices which is probably too big (more than 2 MB). Can you re-upload your business logo under Settings tab and make sure the new logo is no more than 1 MB in size?

I removed logo from Invoices and emailed two with NO TROUBLE.
When I put the business logo back it would not email

The size of the picture file is

This file has been there for many months and trouble only started in the last two weeks.

There seems to be a bug when changing/updating business logo, it wont instal new logo unless you close and re-open manager?

Could you send this logo to I’ll try to reproduce this issue.

Hello Friends.
First i would like to Thank the Development Team behind this, for a wonderful application.

I tried to mail an invoice and i found an option “Send as online PDF”. Once the mail is sent the link of the file looks like ( eg ).
Is it possible to white lable it as ( eg ) so that even that pdf remains in myown server.

The latest version is actually sending link to HTML file which can be quickly viewed in web-browser. It’s not possible to upload onto your own domain. You can “turn off” email tracking, then PDF will be send in email as attachment.

I get a “Failure to send” error when trying to use my domain address. The invoice sent fine with logo using my gmail account but no matter what I try with the email settings I can not get it to send. I used my outgoing server settings, correct port, SSL and authentication information but still it wont send. With gmail I only had to enter what the outgoing address was. Any help? It would be much easier to send direct from manager rather than save the pdf and email from my client later.

What SMTP port are you using? Manager currently doesn’t support TLS/SSL only STARTTLS.

So if you are using port 465 (TLS/SSL), can you try port 587 (STARTTLS) instead?

I am getting this error message when trying to send a quote: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.