New Windows desktop version 20.6.15

Today, I downloaded the new windows desktop version 20.6.15 directly from the website and installed it on my laptop. When I opened Manager app, my old Manager App with older version got replaced completely and I cannot find the data files now. My businesses data is not available as I checked all my drives for the .Manager files. Now there are only two file with .manager extension but no data in it.

what could be the reason? How can I get back my business data files?


your data files should be in the Application data folder you had set previously when using Manager. updating Manager has no effect on your business files as they are stored separately from the installation folder.
it is always recommended that you make a backup before updating Manager. so if you have a backup you can import it again.

what are these files? did you try to open them directly or did you import them into Manager?

Read this Guide:

Also did you install correctly? See or If you installed correctly before, and updated correctly, your business(es) will still be available on the Businesses page when you launch the application.