Update Accounts missing

Hi All
I am in deep trouble, I accidentally updated the manager app without backup and once i opened the app again the files are missing, please help!

Doing any form of updated, accidental or not, shouldn’t cause any data issues.
When you say the files are missing - do you mean the business names don’t list when you open the app or something else.

If you go to About Manager - there should be displayed an Application Data path. If you navigate to that location what files are located there. Provide a screenshot

Hi Brucanna
There were two versions appearing on the applications folder, when i opened the second one (the new/updated version) all the data was there… Thankyou for your support
I almost had a heart attack

If you are using windows, click RUN when upgrading, don’t double click .exe file, otherwise you may get two applications as the first application may not be un-installed by the update.

No Mate,
I’m running this on my Mac

Then be sure you are updating by exactly following procedures in this Guide:

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