New Version Notification & Desktop Setup File Name

Can there be some kind of notification to inform that there is a new major version?
I understand that it shouldn’t be for each version because there will be too many.

Also, when we download the file, the setup file name is Manager.msi. Can we have this appended with version number so that we know if we have already downloaded the previous one.

Monitor the Changelog on the home page. What might seem major to you might be minor for someone else, and vice versa. The best practice is to note what version you have running. If the Changelog shows a new feature you want, download the program and install it. You will get that one or newer. Understand that most updates do not actually make changes that are detectable by users.

Oh. I do that already and I understand what you mean.

The concept of major change doesn’t mean feature. It could mean something in back-end too. Changelog may feel cryptic to some people and they may not upgrade.

For example, i usually update in about 3 months.

I suggested because these are things that can be automated and there isn’t much to be done.

This has been suggested previously. See the other thread for the response I received to a very similar suggestion.

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Completely agree about the developer’s efforts which are commendable. I am a developer myself and I do understand the level of efforts that must have gone into all these to make it usable and loved by everyone here.

I must have missed on the keyword search in the forum and thus created a new topic. I am sorry for the same.

I still believe that version management is a crucial thing because it becomes easier to track down issues if any. But hey… it should only be done when you have 2 minutes :slight_smile:

I download to a main directory “Manager” and then into a subdirectory for each download version, with the number of that version as the subdirectory name. I can then move back to a previous version if I need to.

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