New guide item suggestion re updating Manager

I really like Manager, but It would have been very helpful to me if there had been two warnings regarding updating the program version:

  1. rename the existing downloaded file before downloading a newer version so that I would have access to the older version if the new one created issues
  2. keep at least the last three backups because the data files are not backward compatible.
    Actually, a warning from the website before downloading would be even better, in case a user doesn’t think to check the guide regarding updates.
    This has arisen due to the Windows XP discontinuation.

When you download manager and are given the option to save - this is when you “rename” the Manager file. EG - add a date to the file being download. This way you don’t have to go back and rename it before doing the next download.

When you do a backup, Manager now adds a time stamp to the backup file, so the one file is no longer getting overwritten.

Thanks Brucanna, my fault I just missed the notification about XP until it was too late.

I have also really appreciated having the date included in the backup files. I back up really often and I just didn’t keep them far enough back.

For the MSI files, I plan to rename them to show the version #, rather than the date of download. It would be great if that happened automatically though, because I’m really lazy. :blush: It would save having to check all the time to see if there’s a newer version.

Put this link in your browser task bar:

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