File Version Identification

Suggest that the download file name include a version number or date. I can determine my installed version but can’t tell the latest download. Suggest “manager16-12-xx.msi” or “managerYYMMDD.msi”. Would help to identify downloaded install files saved as backup.

This has been previously requested. The recommended suggestion is that users rename their own download file once the install has been completed using the About Manager edition number.

Had the same problem but just found that underneath the system options on the download page is a link

To keep up to date with new versions, see our releases.

Click the blue text to find the latest version info and number - BUT its not up to date!! at least for the Desktop version which I use

All editions are updated simultaneously. Manager is cross-compatible between operating systems and editions (desktop, server, or cloud).

Not all releases are noticed publicly. Many involve streamlining that are not detectable to the user or fix bugs. Only major feature rollouts will receive individual release notices. There is a link in this Guide that returns the latest version:

Yep - I checked there. Seemed like an easy fix but I guess it adds too much work. This has been a common problem with software developers and is a quality check point on government software in term of configuration control.

Ah then - So it goes. I will capture the downloads and do the renaming to keep my OC sanity.