Website request: New releases/Changelog

Can the release process be improved, please?

Most simply, it would be tremendously helpful if the download page would display the current version of the program, and if the downloaded installation file included the version number in its file name. Especially since the changelog isn’t always as up to date as the download file, it would be helpful to know before downloading and installing a package exactly what version that file is for.

Even better, it would be very helpful to have two release cycles: A current/nightly version that has all of the latest fixes and tweaks, and a stable version that might go back a week or two or three. Oftentimes recently, because the releases come so frequently, there are new tweaks that break some functionality before they get fixed a day or two later. Some users may prefer to wait a little longer for a stable release, while others may want to have all the tweaks the moment they’re created even if it means that a few things might not work as expected.

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The developer is very busy developing the program, so doesn’t have the time to be constantly updating the changelog and documenting everything, but it might be straightforward to have a current version/alpha version and a monthly stable release that is released on the 1st of every month.

I work in IT myself and I know sometimes things get busy and documentation takes time when there isn’t always time. Very often the release number is different from the changelog as new releases come with new features and users report issues with the new features, so bug fixes are released usually within a day. So that its not worth updating the changelog.

But an alpha update and a stable update release system could work out well for the developer and users.

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And of course I loudly applaud his efforts, hard work, and great results! :birthday:

In the end, though, I think it will help him focus his efforts on development and less on support if there were a separate release channel that everybody understood might not work perfectly. Only users who are willing to experiment would see the nightly releases, and bugs would iron themselves out before most users would ever see those changes in the next mainstream release.