Application Versioning (Desktop Edition)

Hi guys,

Firstly, brilliant effort on the development and upkeep of a fantastic accounting package, bravo.

Just a question regarding versioning, right now I find the entire update process from version register to update notification hard to manage and at best non-existent.

It may indeed be a feature request but would it at all be possible to:

  1. Maintain a version register of all point/minor/major releases available and accessible via the website/forum;
  2. Include the build number in the manager install package binary naming convention;
  3. Possibly include a feature within the product itself that allows to ‘Check for updates’ directly from the app

I appreciate that some updates are quick and reactive to minor issues but as a user I’d also like to benefit from these enhancements without having to download a copy of the “manager.dmg” file every few weeks in anticipation to see a new version number overwrite the previous.

The above would require some Dev effort so in the interim an RSS enabled version register would suffice, advising users that a new binary has been compiled.

Many thanks again for your brilliant efforts.

The Releases category on the forum announces significant changes. Others are bug fixes or behind-the-scenes improvements not noticeable by users.

Normally, the current version is available at This is suspended for the desktop edition right now because the server edition (normally identical) has some changes pending. Once the server updates are complete, that link will be valid for both editions. Cloud, of course, is always up to date.

And if you really want to be up to date, it isn’t a matter of every few weeks, but sometimes several times per day. That’s why the minor changes aren’t announced.