Update notice


Hope the software can add the software update notice and shows the version about the software.
Or I don’t know if I’m using the latest version and forget to update.
Thank you.


You are right, there is no software update reminder for the desktop version of Manager. Still, you can always check your version by clicking “Free Download” and then check what is the latest version in the Changelog.


Ok, thanks.
But I think at least showing the version number at the download page and the software title or “about”.
That will make users check the version easier.
Because I don’t think everyone knows the changelog page and clicks it frequently.


If the desktop version can update automatically that would be perfect.


That’s probably a poor idea, because it takes positive control of accounting procedures away. New features and protocols might require new training. The banking regimen, for example, has changed dramatically in recent months, and more changes are in the works. The thought of a system that changes beneath the feet of the bookkeepers is pretty scary.