Manager won't open

My last update to invoices was February 3rd and I have not installed any new software since then. My computer was off for 3 days when I was out of town, but when I returned the program would not open. I turned off the computer and rebooted but it still would not open. However I checked and Windows 10 did perform an update yesterday the 7th of February. Are you able to see anything about Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3211320) that might create a conflict?

I was able to reinstall manager (most recent download) by turning off Norton Security but this will not open either. It spins and spins but no error message comes up. The program will not open, and it does not show up in the task manager. All my open invoices are now unreadable. Any ideas for this Windows 10 user?

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