New implementation of custom reports available

Have you looked at the Tracking Exception Report?

Tracking Exception Report list expenses with no tracking code while I want to check if the selected tracking code is correct.

@lubos Would it be possible to expose the line item description for “Payments or Receipts”. In particular I would like to be able to search for a text string within it.

In either “Select …” or “Where …”
“Payment or Receipt” → “Description” is listed twice
Payment or Receip - Description top

Payment or Receip - Description bottom

Selecting either displays or allows searching of the transaction level description not the line item description

Alternatively I can display the overall description. Which displays the line item description if there is one else displays the transaction level description
Payment or Receip - Description overall

However if I use this same variable to search (“Where …”) it behaves as if it only searches the transaction level description

Dear @lubos, I created this report:

Which is a suppliers transactions report (all transactions) in the form of a list of all suppliers with a specific tag.

The “bug” is that when I check Groups to collapse both date and Transaction description disappear even though they are unique since they are at the same level of Transaction name. Can you fix this issue? Thanks

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Dear @lubos

we are trying to make report using Payment or Receipt where we need to know the transaction where pending and cleared date.
I couldn’t find Account Name, Status and Clear Date in Customs Report under payments or receipts

I think you will find them anyway - I had to exclude Inter Account Transfers when I built a Payments Ledger Report.
The good news is that the newest version orders correctly by Payment or Recipt | Reference :slight_smile:

  • The new custom report allows you to retrieve information from all areas at once, so do not just look in “payments or receipts” for your data items.
  • for example “Account Name” is in “General Ledger Account”

@abdulbari this is not yet possible because Status field on Payment or Receipt transaction is not exposed yet. Soon, all the fields will be exposed and properly named. Right now the implementation is still a bit ugly.


By the way thanks everyone for the feedback. I’m slowly going through the feedback posted here.

This is now fixed in the latest version (20.7.55)

Thanks. My fault but I don’t understand how it reasons to aggregate data. Can you explain a little bit how it “chooses” what to put in the report?

@lubos going forward, it would be productive to implement a Copy To function from the available standard reports, which would create a new custom report. this would help users to modify the standard report by selecting additional data and generating a custom report of their choice. this eliminates the need to build a report from scratch. also, it would help novice users understand better how to build a custom report.

i might be wrong, but i think the standard reports in Manager and the custom reports use the same attributes to generate a report from the database. the present Copy to clipboard button in Reports can be changed to the more familiar Copy to button with options Custom Report and Clipboard.


So my business does not have inventory but we buy & resell items. I am having a problem figuring out how to expose the items on a sales invoice or purchase order/invoice. When I select sales invoice the items exposed are just the fields associated with the total invoice not the items.

What am I missing here?

Thanks for any help

There is no way to associate a purchase and a sell invoice if they are not linked to an item. If you don’t use inventory maybe you can try Non-inventory Items (don’t know if it effectivelly works but it should).

yes I am using non-inventory item codes. if I select sales invoice then in neither of the next 2 drop down lists is there an option for that code or any fields on the item line

You need to select Non-inventory item:Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 9.42.22 AM

Can i generate stock summary report by sales person or custom field.?

Define exactly what is a stock summary for you

I have 3 salesperson who go market i generate invoices of each person one by one i want to create stock report of each sales person seperate

Suppose 1st person have 10 invoices 2nd have 17 invoices and 3rd one have 7 invoices i want to creat accumolate report of 10 invoices stock and 2nd one 17 invoices stock in report for stock out to inventory location