Create Demand Tab

Lubos, appriciate your efforts, I have a suggestion, there should also be a “Creat Demand” tab. it wud facilitate if I want to make a production order and want to buy the ingredients, taking into acct avail inventory item, it should tell how much additional inventory items are required. hope i made myself clear.

@Skn, please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. This has nothing to do with the custom reports topic where you posted it. It has been moved to a new topic.

Thanks a lot Tut

Will some please comments on it.

Similar topic is already posted in ideas category. You want to create purchase orders out of items which meet certain conditions (e.g. out of stock). For that, tracking for orders will need to be implemented first.

See: Status of quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders Idea

Do intent to implement tracking for order??