New error when emailing invoices

Suddenly getting this error when we try to email a sales invoice.

“GSSAPI operation failed with error - Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information (Cannot find KDC for realm “”)”

I haven’t been able to find any information on this error. Could anyone shed some light on it?

I’m going to mark this as a bug for now because it could have something to do with transition to .NET Core recently.

Do you still experience this error? Manager is now including the latest version of .NET Core (5.0) so chances are if this was an issue caused by early version of .NET Core, it could be resolved by now.

Sadly no. I made some changes to the settings as well and it appears to send but never arrives at the recipient. So I don’t even have an error message to go off.
My email provider has washed their hands of me too.

If you get no error from Manager, this means Manager has received confirmation the email has been successfully accepted by your SMTP server.

I don’t know who is your email provider but it’s best to use company that is specializing in this (Mailgun, Fastmail, Outlook or even Gmail) rather than someone who doesn’t consider email service as their core competency (e.g. ISPs)

Now there’s a thought… I can set it up with a rogue gmail account. Thanks Lubos. I’ll give that a go.

Yay! I jumped through enough hoops in gmail to make it work. Many thanks Lubos.