Email setup problems

I used Manager as the Treasurer of a Photographic Club in Australia for several years, I liked the 'simplicity of use and the comprehensive reports. I moved to Vancouver in Canada in 2019 and have recently been elected treasurer of another group (September 2020). I researched various other programs and Manager had many of the attributes I was looking for, however, I chose a different program as I needed to set up and become active very quickly. I was unable to get emails set up and work in Manager. A couple of days ago (February 1,2021I decided once again to try and resolve the issue of the emails, to no avail. I have found the Guide extremely lacking in ‘how to’ information saying to look it up in the Forums. Unfortunately, the forums have not proved any better than the guides the forums tell me to read. after 3 days of fruitless attempts to resolve my email issues, I am so frustrated that the opportunity to once again use Manager has, at least for now, been thwarted by less than adequete guides.

Who is your email provider?

Hi Lubos

Thank you for your extremely fast response.

Generally i use Google Gmail, but I have also tried a Hotmail account

For Gmail, have you followed this one? See Google Gmail | Manager

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I have but I must confess that I got confused by it and possibly have not understood it very ell

Which step is not clear?

Steps 2 and 3

BTW I am using the single user desktop version and not the Cloud

If you don’t know whether you are using 2-step verification in Gmail, then likely you are not.

So do step 2, then step 4 (skip step 3).

Also i did get a positive test result but when i tried to send out a test invoice it was unable to send

OK I will try that, once again thank you for your fast response and friendly courtious service, when i get frustrated i tend to als get very stressed

If pressing Test email settings button works without error and you do receive test email then your email settings are confirmed to be correct.

When you then try to email an invoice and it fails. How does it fail? Any error? Or no error and the email just doesn’t arrive?

Failure sending email

Plus no email arriving

Is the error when pressing Test email settings button? In other words, are you able to receive test emails or not?

My hotmail email said Failure to send
The gmail indicated an authenitcation issue

Not able to ecept for one test … cant remember what the setting were that i had

If you get this error while testing Gmail

The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.0 Authentication Required.

Then there are two possibilities:

  1. Either you have not enabled “Less secure apps”
  2. Or you are entering incorrect password

To verify Less secure apps are enabled, go to your Google Account page, click Security tab and see what’s under Less secure app access card.

The option must be On as per the screenshot.


I have tried using steps 1 2 and 4 of the guide and had a positive response, but when i tried to send a test email ‘failure to send’

Firstly i must apologize for my Rant last night, I was totally stressed as another app has ‘lost’ all of the data in it , going back to 2013.

I have to report success with my email settings, It seems that I do have a 2 step verification and when my system create the 16 digit app password and I inserted it in the set up. when i then tested the email it worked and i have tried and succeeded in sending test emails from the app itself.

Thank you Lubos for your assistance as it sent me on the right track in finding the solution.

I’ll try and refrain from Rants in the future.