New Desktop User - After Download, Program Won't Open

I am migrating away from QuickBooks and really liked what I found with Manager.

I was able to download and run the installation just fine. When I clicked on the icon to open the program, Avast alerted me that the file was submitted to their ‘lab’ and they would get back to me. I clicked that I trusted the file and Avast closed.

Still unable to open the program. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, still no luck. I then tried to uninstall and install in the ‘Programs’ folder but that folder could not be accessed by the installer. The ‘AppData’ folder is not showing under the users and neither is my name as a user.

I’m using Windows 7 Professional. I recently upgraded from a mechanical HD to a SSD.

Screen shots attached.


Disable Avast… If the file is lying in the quarantine, delete it… then install Manager… After installation add the Manager folder to Avast exception list and then open…

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You need to set Windows Explorer to allow you to see hidden files and folders. But that is not the problem.

Don’t try to change where Manager is installed.[quote=“Wolfmates, post:1, topic:10313”]
Avast alerted me

So, the most likely problem is that Avast “quarantined” some of Manager’s files. Find the quarantine control for Avast and un-quarantine anything to do with Manager.

Also check through Avast’s settings to unblock and allow Manager.

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False positives with Avast have been reported many times.

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Thanks all.

Heading down the rabbit hole of Avast now. :dizzy_face:

Hopefully, I can get this to work.


UPDATE: I disabled Avast (nothing in their quarantine). Was able to get in to Manager and begin learning and actually setting up my first business.

I submitted a ticket to Avast, their response: they’re very busy, they’ll get back as soon as they can.

Luckily I have MalwareBytes Premium for protection which had zero issues with Manager.

@Tut - I too have had many false positives with Avast. I don’t expect to be renewing with them. They don’t catch half of the things that MB does.

Thanks for all the help. :sunglasses: