Negative value


For some reason when i updated to “Version 21.5.32” i got this negative results for my expense accounts. Can some one guide me hot to rectify this in a simple way.

Also, what caused the negative value?

Not sure where you got a version 21.5.32 - that is not the latest version.

The current download is 21.6.10

What do you mean by negative results for your expense accounts?

Where is this negative amount showing?

It would be helpful if you posted screen shots and explained what you think is incorrect

And that is a screen image of ? - it is not clear to me what the screen is showing - report, summary page, drill down

You could drill down on one of the amounts to see how it has been calculated

You said you updated to 21.5.32

What version did you update from?

That may have a bearing

The expenses accounts has a negative (-) symbol. That should not be the case.

If that is a partial screenshot of the Summary page then it is unusual.

I cannot tell from the screenshot what it a screenshot of, so that is why I asked for a fuller explication.

If you click on one of the numbers and drill down, it will show how the value was calculated. This will help explain why the values are negative when you expect them to be positive. It is undoubtedly an error in record in recording the transactions or in the setting up of the accounts. But without further information, it is not possible to say anything further

Remember, no one can see your screen except you, so we can not say why it is as it is

Just repeating the image you posted earlier does not advance the investigation much

Check in Settings under Chart of Account if “Expenses” was set as an Expense Group. I would have expected the screenshot to say Less Expenses (where Less is underlined and automatically added in front of “Expenses”)

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assuming that is an image of the Summary Page

Yes, but what else could it be given the layout and screen colours. As mentioned it would have been more productive if he gave you the informaiton requested as this is more speculative.

@eko is correct. The chart of accounts is set up in a way that displays negative numbers. That is not wrong. It is a choice. And it Is explained in the Guide about how to build a chart of accounts.

Thanks eko; the accounts was under the wrong group. I fixed it now.

I don’t remember which version i had last; but i now installed version 21.6.10.

I find that when ever i encounter an issue and i come to this forum to ask for assistance; i discover cover that my version is outdated.

Therefore, i am asking, how can i get alerts/notices of the latest version? Also, is there a way to have an automated way to download and install updates?

I have had to download this zip folder again and again, to get the latest version:

" Downloading Manager Server
If you are using 64-bit Windows, download server edition from:"

You should download from Download | Manager
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@Joe91 Thanks!

Sometimes there are several updates in one day. There are no automatic notifications or updates.

Very valid question. I find myself several times per day clicking “Download” on the Manager website and agree that it would be so useful if we would get an email alert (when subscribed) that a new version is available.

I don’t think the “normal” desktop user needs to update everyday - but a regular update would be a good idea.

Once or twice a month would be a good compromise between never and multiple times a day for such a user

I hear you, unfortunately many updates are bug fixes and should be implemented to avoid becoming a victim of those. We actually use server version and only use Desktop for testing.