Accounting Entry

Hi i am started using Manager few days ago, normally my accounting balance should not give the negative balance. without having sufficient balance i can’t do any transaction.

Now anybody let you the how to swap the entries

You did not say what your screen shot shows. The meaning of a negative balance depends on which account this list of transactions applies to.

Manager does not time code transactions, so transactions entered on the same day can be applied in different order than you entered them. The important thing is the balance at the end of the day.

Based on your screen shot, it also appears your software is quite out of date. If you only recently started using Manager, you may have downloaded it from a third-party distribution site. These sites often have outdated or corrupted software. I recommend you update from Download | Manager.

Thanks for your reply…
Transactions entered on the same day with different order after few days with auditor knowledge we are tried to correct the error and swap the transaction from same day how to do that

I can’t answer your questions until you tell what you are showing.