Negative amounts in Summary

When in the Summary page the total amount is a negative amount, manager displays this as a positive amount. In the profit and loss report, negative amounts displays as negative amount (€ xx,xx)
Anyone the same issue?

What version of Manager do you have. This was reported as an issue in an earlier version -

Issues with negative and positive amounts

Try upgrading to the latest version as you may have the same version reported in this issue.

latest version 16.1.35. When the totals are positive amount, Managers shows them positive, but when the total amounts negative, Manager shows them also positive. The calculation is correct, I missed only the minus sign or ()

@Richard, which accounts are you referring to? It is common accounting practice to show all (or most) amounts as positive, relying on the account category for sign indication. For example, asset accounts are positive and add to net worth. But liability accounts are inherently negative and subtract from net worth. But they are not typically shown as negative, since they are already under the liability heading.

The exception is a contra account, such as accumulated depreciation, which is expected to be negative. It is shown as an asset account, and therefore needs the minus sign to reflect its difference from other asset accounts.

Likewise, an expense account subtracts from net profit, but is typically shown as positive. An exception in this category might occur when there is a refund that overwhelms the remaining entries into the account. For example, bank fees are normally expenses and are shown as positive numbers in the Expenses category. But if the bank posts a refund of fees due to a mistake, there might temporarily be a balance that shows as negative, meaning that it is actually income.

Finally, on the Summary page, on the P&L side, if there is a net loss, it is labeled as such. So where are seeing problems, specifically?

This is the example: The profit is €189,30 (Omzetten). The expenses are € 386,07 (Inkoopwaarde omzet) The total Amount (Totaal: Bruto resultaat)= 189,30 - 386,07 = -196,77
So you can see that in the Summary Manager shows this as a positive amount of 196,77

Perhaps It’s the “Totaal: Bruto Resultaat” wording that’s the issue as that indicates Gross Profit - correct.
In English we would have either “Gross Profit” or “Gross Loss” indicating a positive or negative result without the need for - or ().
So you need to see “Bruto Verlies” or something like that if Totaal: Bruto Resultaat is system generated, if however its your creation (New Total) then that’s a different matter as the - or () would be required

@Brucanna is correct. In the original English version, the categories are Income and Expenses. The Expenses heading bar says Less Expenses, with Less being underlined for emphasis. When the result is a loss, the bottom line heading changes to Net Loss rather than showing a negative sign.

Since I cannot translate your language, I don’t know what your version says. So it is possible you have a translation error. I am not saying you do, but it is possible.

@Richard, I was able to reproduce this issue. Check the latest version (16.1.37) which is fixing this.

Thanks @lubos. Great support for a great program.
With regards, Richard