Discount not deducting

I am using extra line in invoice for total discount and entering amount in negative, but after update Manager 16.3.92 while updating/saving invoice or quote, negative value is changing to positive value automatically thus discounted amount is adding instead of subtracting

This has either been fixed as of version 16.3.94, or you must be entering negative quantity and negative unit price. That is the only way I can make a discount add instead of subtract. It will subtract from total due if either quantity or unit price is negative.

But there might have been a problem in version 16.3.92. I don’t know, because I updated directly from 16.3.88. If the problem persists for you, can you post a screen shot of your entry screen?

Could you try version 16.3.94 (the latest)? It shouldn’t be doing it anymore.

Good day @lubos,
I downloaded this version yesterday from you website so I think it is the latest desktop version

This is test entry screen i was doing the same way before update; it is ok in this screen but as soon as I press update button I get following results

you can see that instead of subtracting the amount is adding and when I reopen invoice/quote in edit mode the value of discount is automatically turned to positive

Today I noticed one more thing that Quote Reference # and Invoice number are also not generated automatically instead in the box “Automatic” is written, following is the screen shot for the same

Dear @lubos @Tut,

Discount problem solved after update 16.3.95
Thanks for the fix, but automatic quote# and invoice# is still there.
please look into that as well


@maaz.bilgrami, see:

You can tell what version you actually have by clicking on About Manager on the top menu bar.

Many times, a download within the last few days will be recent enough to know you have a feature being discussed in the forum. However, Manager progresses very rapidly, sometimes with more than one release in a day. When trying to resolve a problem, it can be important to know exactly what version you have.