Negative amount entered on Purchase Invoice changes automatically

I have created a purchase invoice item which i wanted to use to deduct withholding taxes on purchase invoice and pay to the government. what I do is that, I select it as the last item and enter a negative figure there. Everything was working fine until i released that sometimes right after saving the invoice the negative number changes automatically to a positive number, the same happens whenever I edit the invoice.

I am just trying the procedure in a dummy company to account for withholding taxes deducted by my company. I haven’t checked if negative numbers entered in transactions are automatically changing across the application. It can easily escape a busy user and cause trouble in the account please help.

It doesn’t happen when entering a negative number (as for a discount) in a sales invoice. I just verified on latest version.

I have verified that it happens when you enter a negative number on sales invoice.
@Tut did you use a sales invoice item?

No. I just entered a discount as description in a line item with negative amount.

That will work am sure but using an invoice item helps more by automatically entering the account and the description in the fields. It happens with receive and spend money too, though i just selected the account because you cant access sales and purchases items on spend and receive money

@Abeiku, so are you saying you can’t enter negative numbers anywhere?

It has happened even when I received money with a cash account… It almost everywhere, I believe it came with a recent update

Can you click on About Manager and check what version you are currently running?

16.4.23 sir

Then get the latest version which is 16.4.34 and see if you can still reproduce it.

Yes, it continues

Can you show screenshot how negative amount is entered? Maybe there is something odd about the format.

You come back to click on edit and goes back to this

What country do you have set under Preferences tab for date/number format?

Could you try the latest version 16.4.35? I’ve changed something which could fix it for you.

problem is still there after installing Manager 16.4.41

I think I have made some break through, now the negative number is not changing again. I just clicked on reset on the dialogue box shown below. Previously my negative number format was set to use brackets ( ).

so for now it working fine

@Abeiku, I actually knew that was the issue. My latest fix was meant to be working even if your negative number format doesn’t have a minus symbol.