Need to get invoices issued by users seperatly

How I can get the invoices issued by users. Because my business we have 6 salesman and need to get all of their invoices separate.

what edition of Manager are you using?

Cloud service I am using, it is setup only three days ago.

Add a custom field for sales invoices. Label it Salesperson. See this Guide: This will also let you obtain a sales invoice report by salesperson. See

@Tut, so if salespersons were granted access to update their quotes they can steal other salesperson quotes! That is not a good solution.

@Ealfardan, what does your comment about user permissions for quotes have to do with reporting of sales invoices?

Please do not divert topics.

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Do you have a problem with me personally or what is the case here? I am talking about the exact topic.

I used the same solution you suggested here, did not work for the reasons I just mentioned. I followed the forum guideline, found the topic that addresses the same issue and used it instead of creating new topic and gave you feedback on the exact solution you proposed here.

I was using custom fields to get salesperson name in quotes to determine who brought the deal. The only difference is what we use, the guy is using invoices while I use quotes.

Tell me how is this a diversion?

The original topic concerned invoices - you are talking about quotes

The problem of access is a different topic and not a continuation of the previous topic imho


What I suggested almost 2 years ago, in response to another person’s question, was to add a custom field on sales invoices so they could generate Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field reports. All you had said was that “if salespersons were granted access to update their quotes they can steal other salesperson quotes!” The topic, up to that point, had not mentioned granting of access. So I did not see what that granting access had to do with your concern about salespersons stealing other salespersons’ quotes.

It was a diversion because you completely switched subjects. Your dissatisfaction with the answer to one person’s question for resolving a different issue does not make that answer any less appropriate. Any other forum member interested in user permissions for quotes is not going to be reading topics about reporting of sales invoices. Keeping to a single subject helps forum members find useful information.