Customer Unpaid Invoices custom field

Dear All, Please I have sales mans and I need to make report for Customer Unpaid Invoices by custom field / sales man.
how I can do this.
Thank you

The easiest way to get this information is to create a Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field report for time period in question. Select your salesman custom field when defining the report. Then, you can drill down for sales invoice status for each salesman. If necessary, you can copy that list to the clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet.

You will probably find that easier than creating a custom report.

Thank you so much for replay, but I need to make custom report for invoice due amount by sales man

Then please make your best effort at creating a custom report. Post your report definition and the results on the forum so others can help you.

Thank you so much :rose:

Is it possible to post a better explanation than that in a form?
How can I appoint a sales representative in the manager?

Just create a new user for each sales representative and give them acess to sales invoice create only ( maybe only sales order ).

Note that this can only be done this way in Cloud and Server editions of Manager because they support multi-user and access rights settings.

go to Settings , custom Fields , Customer and make New custom Field ,in name put Sales representative , Position 0 or any number if you have other custom Filed , Type choose Drop-down list , and in Options for drop-down list put sales man names
after that when you need to make any new customer you can choose from drop-down