Need help resolving something

Dear Manager

As I am not sure who to direct this to I am creating a new topic in the hope that I will get a response .
My last correspondence was with Lubos Hasko a couple of weeks back .
The financial year is well underway and I do need some certainty about the program I have chosen especially with the recent ATO changes .

Thankyou , Adrian

So what is your question?

Hi Tut

Thankyou for responding . My difficulty is as described in my chats over the last couple of weeks .
But here goes .
Recently I downloaded the four updates but two of the reports close the program when viewed in the desktop version and in the cloud version they won’t load and error message 502 Bad gateway appears.
Why am I using both version you may ask . Well I am not really it is just that I did sign up for the Cloud version for my accountant but have gone back to using the desk top version having had to make a decision as to which version to input data into until I can resolve these glitches . And the cloud version gives me no other option for back up other than cloud so I thought Desktop was safer for now .
The Manager program really suits me and I do hope with your help I can get through over this hurdle .

You need to give some more information

What version number are you using?

Whar reports don’t work?

Post a screen image of error message

Using Desktop and Cloud is bound to cause trouble as they may not be the same version

Responding in those threads is preferred as it keep the context

Please don’t make people dig through other topics to find your question. Post the information here. Or better yet, if you are still on the same subject, post it there. I am closing this topic.