Error 504 Gateway Time-out

Hi I got this error. Please let me know the instruction

Doing what?
Edition - Desktop, server, cloud?
Version number?

Please show screen images of all or any error messages

Saying “I got this error” is not very helpful

Right now.
Just doing transactions entry.

I forget to take screen images this time. Now it is ok to use again. I will upload screen images next time. This error is happening frequently.

Have you checked that you are using the correct cloud server on the Cloud Service Customer Service site Manager Cloud

Manager Cloud

It might be that the Cloud version has been so successful attracting users that the server capacity in Singapore needs to be increased?

Sorry, I have no idea - Lubos will have to look into that.

It could be a slow internet connection on your side too, I suppose

I received two calls today from two different clients today saying they saw this error as they try to access manager cloud… restarting the cloud server seems to fix it… however, i find it odd for this to happen twice in the same day… anyone else had the same issue today?

Restart your server. Go to Manager Cloud