No access to cloud version

I have been using the cloud version for more than 6 months and now when trying to access; it says too many redirects. and it does not work.

please we need to hear from you on why the cloud access isnt working now. treat as urgent.

The page isn’t working redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.

Same here the cloud is down

Same here… can’t access cloud

Has anyone received an update as to what’s going on?

Not Yet

What is going on?

still not able to access Cloud version…admin please advise what is the problem

Whats frustrating is the unknown. I have customers asking for receipts and I can’t give them provide times. Really surprised Admin hasn’t acknowledged the issue after 5 hours.

yes this is really strange, come on admin, i know its early in the morning now in Australia so something should happen soon chaps,

I’ve been waiting for this to conclude deals. lubos?

I have had a brief look at the issue to see if it was location, browser, cookie based etc and it would appear that the problem whatever it is, is with the actual website. I suspect that there has been an upgrade on the server that hosts the cloud Manager and its affected the manager cloud functionality. As its early morning in Australia now, hopefully the developer will get the issue sorted out in the next hour or two.

Just hang in there. The cloud is great in its flexibility to access your information anywhere on any device, but it does have the unfortunate downside that no cloud can possibly guarantee 100% uptime as there are just too many dependencies. 98% uptime reliability is industry standard and I am sure that Lubos will sort the problem out as soon as he is aware of it.

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I’m sorry about the outage. It should be working now.

What happened

We have monitoring systems in place to check for outage however this is an issue which was was caused by a bug in the latest version. Our monitoring systems didn’t pick this up because they monitor overall server health and couldn’t detect a bug in the program.

Why it happened

The bug was related to how we merge translations provided by community from WebTranslateIt. Yesterday I’ve noticed someone has signed up to translate Manager from “English (US)” to “English (UK)” and has vandalized the translation to the point where users being on “English (UK)” would not see English text in the program.

To prevent further vandalization, I’ve deleted “English (UK)” from the list of languages which are available for translation by community but didn’t think this through in relation how our internal tool merges contributions from translators overnight. Due to missing language, the tool has introduced a bug into the program which prevented anyone with language set to “English (UK)” to access the program.

What we are going to do about this

The internal tool which is automatically merging translations from our contributors will no longer run at midnight outside of our office hours. If anything similar happens again, it will be during our office hours which means we will be able to address the issue immediately. I now realize how foolish it is to have an automated process to release new versions when nobody is watching. So this is being rectified.

Once again, I’m sorry about the outage.


Thanks for that lubos. Appreciate the update.

no problem its nice to see a full explanation even tho i dont understand it…thank you we are back to normal :relaxed:

Thanks for all the efforts. I was panic as I have not backed-up data since I used cloud version.

There is a reason for doing separate backups. When using the cloud edition, your chance of permanent data loss is small, but the risk to ongoing operations could be offset by having a desktop edition that could be brought online with restoration from a backup.

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Same problem we are facing now. Cloud edition isn’t working.

my account also not working no response from admin team… !!