System error


I believe there’s an error right now in the system, Credit become debit and the other way around, please check the system since all my numbers been changed suddenly. I’m in the middle of audit now.


Which edition / version are you using - desktop, server or cloud.
Where are you seeing the reversals ?


If you are using desktop or server edition, try to upgrade to the latest version to see if the problem persists. This bug was in older versions, not in newer versions.


Hi Lubos, I’m using the cloud version, is it possible for me to email you my database so you can have a look at the transaction ?


if on the cloud edition make sure you are on the latest version. sign out from all sessions and allow a minimum of 20 minutes to get automatically updated to the latest version. then sign back in, check if updated to the latest version and update us if the problem persists.


What is the latest version of the cloud ?


you can check here


Sorry, how can I know which version that my cloud running on ?


Doesn’t it show under Support at the top of the page? The cloud edition is always the latest.