Feature Request: Custom Field Linking

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Custom fields play a major role in manager in my case (probably for others as well) it would be awesome if you could have a way to interlink custom fields between modules.

example: in my case I have a custom field named “zone” under customers, which in return segregates the list of customers by “zones” but this plays a major role in the “Sales Invoice” module, where I generate reports as per zones. currently what I am doing is - I export the sales invoice to tsv. open it up on excel and manually select the invoices relating to each customer and add the zones - this is becoming a cumbersome task since the customers list and the invoices raised by each customer is growing by day, filtering has become a daunting, I hope you guys can shed some light on this feature request. which would save me a heap amount of time in generating the reports.


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This was discussed by @lubos earlier as a way to create a workflow. I came with a suggestion that applied to my case, not sure if it applies to yours. Some type of linking between documents would be very helpful indeed. A shared ID (could be your “zone” name) or the ability to specify which field to use for linking would be great. Anyways, something like this is apparently being worked on already. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback mate… my scope with custom fields is totally different. see pic below

according to manager this is how the respective sections display details.

currently I have a custom field named “AREA” under the customers section, the purpose of this field “in my case” is it defines from which area this customers represents the business. this comes very useful when we need to plan delivery & collection routes (in our case).

The drawback in this system right now is, “Manager” app currently does not support “linking” custom fields between modules. in my case it would help me a great deal if i could link the custom field “Area” which is setup in the customers section with sales invoice section so that i can generate outstanding reports “area-wise”.

adding an “area” custom field to the Sales Invoice section will not only create a delay in raising invoices (since we need to select the area every time we raise an invoice) but it also encourages to make a lot of human error (selecting the wrong area) *there are some customers with the same business names in different areas.

linking custom fields will definitely become a powerful feature for many reasons, as it would for mine.
I hope the developers could give us a solution for this.

Loving “Manager” everyday!


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Any updates on this?