My Invoice uncertainty Go on This Number 10000000877

but actually i want on this number only five digit like this 100877 please help it is possible to come back on this number please resolve issue

If you only want five digits, then you need to edit all invoices over that number so that they are under that number

PS : 100877 is six not five digits.

i edit the number but its also auto invoice numbering 100000008561656 instead of this 20170000969
please help its go more the 15 digit
how i can bound it max 10 digit
its v problematic this matter

The answer is the same as the last time you asked.

@mastertrading - You need to EDIT ALL INVOICES with the larger number to a smaller number

i edit all invoice but its not go to 10 digit its auto go on 15 digit

Ok, if all past invoices are smaller then the number you wont, when you create the next new invoice edit the invoice number to the required number before creating - this hopefully should reset the counter.

i have create it by manual a lot of invoice but its again every time take 15 digits

please resolve issue

How many invoices do you have that are 15 digits in length?

How many gigits do your normal invoice numbers have before the 15 digit error.

Please count how many 15 digit (error) invoice numbers you have in the invoice tab.

Still No Invoice in 15 digits , i edit all 15 digit into 11 digit ( auto create 100000008561656 i edit on this sequence 20170000966 ) invoice into but its auto take again 15 digits

Ok. What is the exact invoice number that comes up when you create a new invoice. Please show screenshot of your invoice list. Hide any sensitive information but show all invoice numbers.

see this i want This Sequence 20170000985 but it auto generate 100000008561656

Now create another new invoice and post screenshot. A full screenshot of invoice list cover sensitive info but show full size screen including paid in full column.

Type this into the search bar (top-right)
Click search and post full screenshot.

before this invoice number

after add new invoice its show this number and so on sequence

No, leave the incorrect invoice there and create another new invoice (incorrect) and see what the next invoice number is.

see next invoice

Type this into the search bar (top-right)
Click search and post full screenshot.

Now type this in the search bar and show screenshot.

Very strange.

Now type 100000008561655 in the search bar and post result.