17 May invoice numbers

We make use of the auto generation of invoice numbers. From 17 May my invoice number sequence changed completely and added in a lot of extra digits. How can this be fixed to follow on my old invoice numbers from 16 May

Unless you renumber the invoices with the high number, you can’t

Manager will always look for the highest number used and add 1

If the numbers changed, then someone must have created or edited the number incorrectly. You can use the History button on the Sales Invoice view to see who and when did this

Thank you for your quick response, but we do not enter the invoice number and only make use of the automatic box that is ticked. So the system automatically does this. My business partner did not notice this immediately and we may not use that many digits on an invoice number. So there is no way to correct this.
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That has been answered



You will find you are wrong there also if you take the advice already given:

It looks to me like someone has accidentally

  1. either edited an old invoice number, or
  2. edited that first one where the new numbering has started.

You can batch re-edit those invoices to give you the correct invoice numbers and the old numbering system will resume.

if you view the history of invoice number 5009729101003 of the 17/05/23 you will get more information on how the number used was entered

I cannot change those invoice numbers of old invoices as the orders have already been dispatched. Can you please advise how I can fix it going forward

@Lizrau please follow the clear advise given. You must check the history file with the details as given by @Joe91. Someone will have manually entered a number by hand that cause the jump in auto numbering. If Invoices went out with these larger numbers then you just have to live with this but if you want to get the original sequence back you need to figure out which entry was done manually, correct/edit it to auto number and as @pau explained batch update the newer ones so they all have the correct number.

If you are not able, or allowed, to change the numbers 500… then you will not be able to go back to using automatic numbering

You could set up a custom field for the Sales Invoices to contain the 500… numbers, and renumber them to the your usual sequence and get around the problem that way - not ideal, but there is no ideal way to solve the problem