Sale Invoice number Editing

Sale Invoice number Editing , My running Invoice number 3030556 but i set it from lower like 666 and go further
please guide

Sales invoice automatically sees the invoice number and adds one. For example #3030556 next invoice will be #3030557
You cannot go backwards to a lower number.

i use wrong number but now it 3030523497 but it now start from them … but i want to add 3030556
plz help

I hope I’m not leading you on a bum steer here, but I just ran several tests and found that no matter how I manipulated the numbers, it alway just added 1 to the highest number. ie, I created a set of invoices. Then a couple of new ones much higher in number. Created more at a lower number. Deleted the higher ones and it always just added one to the highest one in the list.

Can you go in and manually edit the incorrect number to the correct number in the sequence and allow the following ones to follow on?

It seemed to work for me at least in a basic test system.

The sequence finds the highest number and adds 1. If you have made a mistake you will need to go back and edit them until you get the sequence you want.

How many time i will edit the number that than its go Sequence Automatic . i add 5 to six time but its not get automatic number #3030557
or give me other Solution please

So you would like #3030557 to be your next number? What number do you see when you create the next invoice? Click on the reference heading so sort list order then post a screen shot of the sales invoice tab showing just the list of invoice reference numbers.

If you are saying the next number that comes up is a 10 digit number and you only wish to have a 7 digit number, how many incorrect invoices do you have showing over 7 digits?

2 invoice which more than 7 digit

Ok. If your last correct invoice number is #3030556, edit one of the incorrect invoices, (ones over 7 digits), to #3030557 then edit the second incorrect invoice to #3030558
which should fix the sequence.
When you create your next invoice it will show #3030559 as reference No.