Step by Step to upgrade Ubuntu server edition on DigitalOcean

Dear lubos,

Please advise step by step to upgrade manager server edition on DigitalOcean - Ubuntu


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i think you may want to read this post

Hi Ahmad,

I tried to look up the answer for you earlier today but couldn’t find it. I’m trialling Manager Server Edition on a Ubuntu server, but I have SSH access. I haven’t tried it on Digital Ocean.

Looking at what @sharpdrivetek posted, I can’t see instructions for updates. Only for installation. That’s the same issue with the official documentation, it’s only got the installation instructions - it’s not clear how to update.

So I’ll tell you what I do. If you have SSH access to the server, you should be able to do something similar.

These are the steps I used for installation: Ubuntu

When I want to update, I do the following:

  1. Download latest version & untar the downloaded file (which I also did during installation):
    [1] wget<version>/ManagerServer.tar.gz -P /usr/share/manager-server
    [2] tar -xzf /usr/share/manager-server/ManagerServer.tar.gz -C /usr/share/manager-server

  2. Restart the Manager service (during installation it was start instead):
    systemctl restart manager-server

So, for Digital Ocean, if you have SSH access and can figure out where you need to untar the file into (possibly /usr/share/manager-server as well), you should be able to do something similar to above.

The final step is simply to restart the manager service. Otherwise, when you connect with the web browser it will still be running the older version.

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Hi @ShaneAU,

Thank for your advise. Yesterday I just do create new doplet and follow the Instalations instructions (fresh installation) I know this is not the better way and there is a hassle backing up from old version and import to new version.

I will try the SSH access.

Again thank you very much for your advise.

Best regards

That is yet another way to do it. It’s so completely obvious, it didn’t even occur to me! :slight_smile: Glad you’ve got it sorted in the short term.

Let us know how you go with SSH for a longer-term solution.

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