ManagerServer listening on HTTPS

I see the digital ocean setup instructions. These seem to create a server on unencrypted http: on port 80.

I currently have nginx running on a digital ocean droplet configured for https on port 443 for my domain.

Is it possible to setup managerServer to run under https? Can nginx proxy to managerServer?

Can anyone suggest how to go about setting it up? Or suggest any tutorials or resources as a starting point for someone coming from php!

With many thanks for any help.

It’s possible. Google for nginx SSL offloading or nginx SSL termination

There are plenty tutorials on the Internet how to configure this. I found but there are many more.

Thanks @lubos. Suggestions much appreciated.

BTW - love Manager’s fresh approach and love the use of Bootstrap.

Ok, thanks. ssl is working.

But next question… can manager-server be related to a specific nginx server block (virtual host)? If so what directive do I need to pass the request to manager-server?

For example I have and I want to run manager-server on I have server blocks for both but what directive do I use / how do I pass to manager-server?

Any suggestions most welcome. Thanks.

You will need to set A record for to point to IP address of your Digital Ocean instance. Do you know how to configure DNS?

Thanks @lubos. I can point my subdomain to my digital ocean ip and set up a server block for that subdomain.

But do I then use a proxy_pass directive to proxy requests to the port manager-server is listening on? So if manager-server is configured for port 8080 would I use

proxy_pass http://localhost:8080; ??


Why are you asking about proxy_pass directive? I thought you said you got SSL working.

Can anyone please make a simple video on how to use https for server edition?