Install Manager on DigitalOcean

I know that I can install Manager Accounting on DigitalOcean vps but I am a non technical person and it is an easy job for someone like me to install Manager Accounting on DO. So, is there any possibility to to use managed digitalOcean server as their are companies like Cloudways, WPengine which are providing managed digitalOcean server.

With all respect, @DeliaSchulman, the fact you must ask this question suggests you are a better candidate for the cloud edition. The server edition is meant for those who already have the skills to install and administer it.

We have assisted and deployed Manager on Digital Ocean. If you would like assistance private message me on this forum.

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Hi, Please i am interested. How can you help me deploy manager server edition on digital ocean. I expect your response.


@ekene2004 - server install instructions can be found here:

Otherwise, consider using Cloud Edition instead:

Both of them are paid products, but Cloud Edition is easy to set up and you’ll be able to use it with a trial account within just a few minutes.

The server edition is meant for users who already know how to set up and maintain it.