Multiple Spend Money or Receive Money on invoices

Hi, would like a checkbox like function for us to record payment of multiple purchase invoices from the same supplier, or record multiple sales invoices payment at one time.


You can already do that. Just add additional line items to the payment form. Even if you start the payment from one invoice, you can add lines that you allocate to others by selecting additional invoice numbers.

Hi, I mean to pull the amount automatically from the invoice, and also make it easier to view which invoice I want to pay.

How do you propose the program would know which invoices to automatically pay? What changes do you propose to make viewing invoices easier?

Please understand, it does no good to simply say things should be easier without making a suggestion on how you think that could be done. I’m not suggesting you specify the software required. But if you can’t suggest how something would function, no one can determine if it can be programmed.

Here’s an example:

  • I’m viewing the Purchase Invoices page, I have accumulated 10 invoices from Supplier A , of course including all other invoices from other suppliers in this page.
  • I want to pay all 10 invoices from Supplier A in one bank transaction.
  • Instead of clicking View > Spend Money then manually adding remaining 9 invoices into the transaction,
  • Why not just allow checkbox selecting of multiple invoices from the Purchase Invoices page, and then put a Spend Money button on top, then all selected invoices will show in the following page, all lines completed with amount already shown.

Thank you for the description. That sounds like it could be useful. I will put this topic into the Ideas category.

You can now copy unpaid invoices from supplier statement to new bank/cash transaction.


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