Amount automatically filled in after purchase/sale invoice been selected

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There will be soon wizard that will allow you to see all unpaid invoices related to customer/supplier, then you can mark which ones are to be marked as paid and Manager will pre-fill new receipt/payment for you so you don’t have to do it manually.

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Great, looking forward to it. Thanks so much.

Great work you are doing.
I use the cloud version. It would be good if when an invoice is selected,it automatically fill the invoice amounts. its really stressing to keep doing the manual figures for one payment against say seven or ten invoices.
please advise on this.

Why not allocate amount received from customer to Customer credits account, then select customer? Manager will automatically distribute amount received across unpaid invoices on first-in-first-out basis. If customer has paid more than total of unpaid invoices, the excess amount will remain in Customer credits account and the credit will be automatically applied to the next invoice.

hi Lubos,
the first in first out basis does not apply for me because a client may have about 10 unpaid invoices,
but they pay invoice 2,6 and 8 using one check. so when i go to invoice 2 to receive the payment,
i need to select an additional invoice from receivables to be cleared by the same check.
when i select invoice 6 and 8, they do not bring the amounts automatically. this is my issue,
i need to select an additional invoice on the same payment template and it brings the invoice figure automatically.
Alternatively,when i go to customer outstanding invoices,i want to be able to select which invoices are being paid by the same check.
thank you.

You can already handle this. Instead of going into the Sales Invoices tab and selecting an individual invoice on which to receive payment, go to the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tab and Receive Money. Allocate the receipt to Accounts receivable. A dropdown of invoices will appear. Select one the customer has paid. Then add a line and repeat the process. Do this as many times as necessary. This works even if they have paid all of one or more invoices and only part of another.

This is something I could implement.