Supplier Statements - Copy To Bank / Cash Transaction


Dear @lubos,

I have read your topic on Copy to Bank / Cash account from Customer Statement. Could there be a similar Copy To button addition for Supplier statement also, so that when we are issuing checks we can issue them for multiple invoices as per the supplier statement.

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Taher Nomani

Multiple Spend Money or Receive Money on invoices

This seems like a logical, parallel capability. I am putting this into the ideas category.



Firstly great system… Using it for the past 3 years… love it… and recommending it to whoever asks for an accounting system…

This is a good suggestion, and I feel this functionality will make creating payments for supplier for multiple invoices easy within one transaction.
Are you planning on including this functionality soon?
Looking forward to seeing it implemented.


Added to the latest version (18.8.6)

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Awesome! thanks!