Selecting inventory item when bulk processing imported transaction

I was hoping I could get some insight into this as I could be missing some information. Anyway, importing Paypal CSV, works great. Had issues doing so at first (particularly the date column gave me grief for
some time, anyway fixed now)

So following an import of all my paypal transactions, I now go in and bulk process items, however when doing so for sale, it doesnt give me the option to choose the inventory item from the inventory list so I can expense COGS.

Similarly, short of being able to do the above I go in each transaction and manually process so I can expense the COGS account. However, when I select the inventory, the amount the item sold for get dropped and I have to enter it manually. Now I have worked out that this is due to the fact that I did not put a sale price on my inventory item. So that problem is fixed when/if the sale price is constant, however I have situations where the same inventory item is sold at different prices at different times,

In short

  1. Is there a way I could have the further options available when buld processing imported transactions e.g. sales>Select inventory item
  2. How can I avoid the amount being dropped when adding item to the correct expense account
  3. I found the answer to the last part, which is “Multiple Sales Prices for an inventory items

I didn’t realize if you select inventory item, it will override the line item amount with default price even if the amount is already set. I fixed this in the latest version (15.3.89)

As for bulk-categorization, this concept will be removed and replaced with Bank rules which will allow to bulk-categorize transactions into sub-accounts too (e.g. inventory items)

Great and thank you lubos for your reply and fix. I will watch the change log for that release.

With the bulk categorization any indication of when to expect this to hit live