Multiple Goods Receipts and One Purchase Invoice

Hi, I’m quite new to Manager. I wanna ask, if I have several batches received goods from the Supplier, then at the end of the month, the Supplier will send a bill to me of the several goods receipts. How can I do the tracking / checking whether all of the products billed at the end of the month, are already received by me in the Goods Receipt?

Thank you

Have a look at

The section on Goods Receipts explains this.

Basically when you enter goods receipts without purchase invoice, Qty to receive will be negative. Negative means you’ve received more than purchased. When you enter purchase invoice, Qty to receive should come back to zero (assuming supplier invoice is exactly what you have received). If there is discrepancy between what you have received and what you were billed for, Qty to receive will be non-zero amount. This is how you know qty received doesn’t match qty purchased.

Create test file and experiment.

but the problem is Goods Receipts always more than Purchase Invoices, as the suppliers always send the Invoice later after a while. Does Manager can track or link any Goods Receipts with the respective Purchase Invoice?

Read the Guide, as was suggested. Also read