Can't Use Received Goods in Production Order

I’ve already received an inventory item from my suppler, but will receive the invoice(purchase invoice) from the supplier by end of the month only.
The problem is I could not use that received item for a production order. it says “Insufficient Qty”, even though I have sufficient quantity in hand(not owned yet)

Use goods receipts see Use goods receipts | Manager

Yes @eko , the “Track quantity to receive” is already selected and it is working fine. and showing I have extra stock than purchased( [Qty to receive] is in negative(means received extra or before get the purchase invoice)
I have enough stock for the production(but not owned yet-means purchase invoice not yet received)
with that stock, when I create a production order, it does not complete-says insufficient Qty.

You should issue a Goods Receipt (enable in customize) for it to work as expected.

Dear @eko, thank you for your advice,
I’ve issued “goods receipt”, then only I have that stock in hand.
but because of not invoiced yet(by the supplier), the quantity in hand is not owned yet.

Production order


after production order created(still supplier not invoiced)

Whatever you have been doing but if you issued a purchase order and properly copied to a credit note from the view screen for inventory items then you would not have any quantity to receive only quantity on hand. in your screenshot you show Qty to receive at -100 and Qty on hand at 100. If you followed the proper process then Qty to receive would be 0.

Quantity to receive in positive value means; I’ve already invoiced and item not received yet
Quantity to receive in negative value means; I’ve received the goods already but not invoiced yet

Here I have the goods in hand to produce another item,
with that item, I’m creating a production order, but it does not workout.
Means with the item in hand, I’m unable to create a product.

with the positive value in “Quantity to receive”, if I try to produce a product, sure it will not be possible,
because the item is not in my hand yet to produce.
But here the issue is vice versa.
@eko please clear it to me

@Shan, just try the following as this is how you should have done this.

  1. Create 2 test inventory items with each having track quantity to receive and quantity to deliver enabled
  2. Create for each a purchase order and in the view screen select copy to receive, a new edit screen will appear and you can edit the information there
  3. Create a production order using these 2 inventory items.

Check the inventory items tab. You will see it shows correct.

@eko Thank you for your help,
I’ll try the way you suggested and let you know the result

@eko I’ve done as per your instruction from the beginning to end;
but the result is not as expected. please have a look at the screen shots



where did I go wrong?

You did not enable Track quantity to receive on this Purchase Order

I tried to edit the previous purchase order and update it,
that did not make any changes.
I re-create everything again and update to you.

I tried the way you suggested, but could not see any changes
except purchase order page shows partially delivered

Production status and inventory items all remain the same

But once I create a purchase invoice from the purchase order, then that item only became cleared (means in the inventory items and production order)

And because of the second item still being insufficient, the production order is not completed yet.

Sorry, can not help further, can replicate some of the issue and hope someone else can help further.

My issue might seems unusual (receive goods without purchase invoice)
Let me explain;
The business I deal with has around 20 suppliers, more than half of the suppliers deliver goods periodically. But invoice for the total delivered end of each month or beginning of next month.
But the production will go on with those goods already received. By the time they receive the invoice, most of the time the delivered goods already been used up.
I face problem to track the goods received>production>delivery before receive the purchase invoice.

You should then activate Goods Receipts tab and use that to record deliveries taken.

Refer to this guide for more details:

@Ealfardan Thank you for your response.

from the beginning it is activated and I have tried it. That how I’m getting the items in hand.
but with that items in hand, I could not successfully create a production order until I received purchase invoice

Dear moderators,
I feel it is appropriate to move my topic to a new thread as it is not requesting new feature, my question is talking about a feature already implemented and it’s shortcomings.

Dear members, still I’m not able to create the production order successfully with items in hand.
@lubos please let me know whether I’m trying something wrong way? is there any way around to correctly create the production order please.

Is there any work around using production stages?