Good Receipt from Supplier in partial

For Example I create Purchase Order with qty 100 pcs, the supplier will send to our office in 3 different date.First they will send on 8 sept for 25 pcs, then i will put in good receipt 25 pcs.
How do I find out the qty rest of the shipment after the first shipment? or how do i find out the rest of shipment for all the purchase order?

You don’t, because purchase orders have no financial or quantity impact. If you entered a purchase invoice, the Inventory Items tab would show you quantity to receive.

Based on previous topic that i received on 8 sept for 25 pcs, then the second delivery 50 pcs on 9 sept. How do i find out the qty balance for 1 number purchase order?
Because i order same good with different number purchase order and different supplier, so when i check the inventory items it will show the total for 1 item.

If i only check on the inventory items that’s not explain which the number Purchase order not yet closed.
Or how do i find out the qty for one Purchase order / Purchase Invoice already close, because we should follow up the supplier for the next delivery.

As I already answered, you do not. I will tell you again: purchase orders have no impact on anything else in the program. Read the Guide: