Question about Purchase orders

When you fill a purchase order and then receive that same order when you go in inventory the number of item to be received is not 0.

Let say you order 10 product x
Then you receive the 10 product x
When you go in the inventory it says that there are -10 product x to be received

This makes no sense. It should be 0 to be received since you order 10 and received 10…

I am using the desktop edition

Read this Guide:

@Jici…it makes sense if you know the flow. When you order 10, then receive 10, it will continue showing to receive-10 until you make a Purchase Invoice for the received goods from the concerned supplier. This is the flow chart. Please check it out.


A negative quantity to be received means you have more than you should. From an accounting perspective, they appeared by magic, delivered without being purchased.

My mistake. The thing is i am looking out to track money in a safe. I don’t want to record the accounting transactions just what goes in and out of the safe. So i seted up the safe as one inventory location that receive the money orders and other inventory locations to transfer the money.

We order money to prepare cash register. So the money goes in the safe and then in the cash register and then we send everything to be counted and prepare new cash register. All the expenses and other transactions are written in the Big accounting software used by the enterprise. I just want to use manager as a side software instead of “broken all the time by users spreadsheet” so i can effectively track what there is in the safe.

I guess the best way to solve my problem would be to create a bank account with a fictive amount of money, issue invoices for the orders and apply the payments from that account…I know i am stretching the use of the software outside accounting but i REALLY prefer that to spreadsheets

I’m sorry but, with apology, you are misusing Manager. Lol

I use Manager in different ways. i do real accounting too in manager.

But for me i am less in danger of data inconsistency and data loss by missusing Manager instead of missusing Excel like most people do.

My database design skills are not good enough for the moment to be able to develop a reliable custom app.

You know there are multiple things that can be done with a hammer…

@Jici, you are going through a great deal of unnecessary work to track physical cash. Money is not inventory, and using inventory features, sales invoices, or anything else like that to track where it is activates all sorts of hard-coded functions in Manager. You will end up knowing less about where your money is than even with a broken spreadsheet.

Instead, create multiple cash accounts:

  • Safe
  • Register 1 till
  • Register 2 till
  • Register 3 till
  • Etc.

When you move cash from one to the other, enter an inter account transfer.

You can do this in a separate business used only to track cash. You would only activate the Cash Accounts and Inter Account Transfers tabs. Or you can do this as part of a business’ existinting accounts, which would have the benefit of allowing you to record movements to/from bank accounts, expenditures, etc.

Ok i think i didn’t explain myself well.

Let say we don’t speak about money:

Suppose i have a big fridge full of beer and there are 4 locations in the building where you can find smaller fridges that i have to supply once a week.
I order beer every monday to be delivered in the in the big fridge and supply the other locations on friday.
Sometimes i have to supply beer for other activities too so i cannot order the same thing every monday.

Would you still use cash accounts or inventory?

What i want to say is that i am not interested in the value but at the number of 1$ rolls, 2$ rolls, 0,25$rolls i have in the safe so in that case i think it’s better to use the inventory function and i surely created a business only for that purpose

Personally, if all you are doing is counting “things,” and don’t care what the things are worth, I would not use an accounting program at all. I’d use a spreadsheet. You remarked earlier that they were prone to “breaking.” I think an accounting program is more prone to misuse by unskilled users than a spreadsheet, and harder to fix.

If you insist on using an accounting program, I would use the inventory functions to count rolls. But understand that you’re going to have to enter a lot of transactions to move those rolls in and out of various locations, because the quantity tracking features of the accounting program are designed to calculate costs/prices, too. While you could enter zero-value amounts, the program is still designed to calculate the financial side, so it isn’t going to be very convenient just for recording counts.

You could use Inventory quite simply to achieve your ambitions with little effort, but some clarification:
Are you wanting to track the contents of the Safe only or both the Safe and the Cash registers.

If only the contents of the Safe then:
Set up an Inventory Location such as Safe (optional)
Set up the Inventory Items such as 1$ rolls, 2$ rolls, 0,25$rolls
Set up a Supplier such as Inwards Cash
Set up Customers such as Cash Register One etc
When adding to the Safe create a quantity only Purchase Invoice with Inwards Cash as the Supplier
When transferring to the Cash Register create a quantity only Sales Invoice using the particular Customer

Now the Inventory Items quantities and the Safe contents should reconcile.
PS: Don’t use the Goods Receipts or the Delivery Note tabs

However, if it is both the Safe and the Cash Registers then that is a bit more involved so will only detail that if required.

Yeah i think that this is a pretty good solution.

Why not use the Goods receipt and Delivery Note if i want to track my orders and if they are delivered?

Only to keep things simple and to reduce clutter and duplication of effort - if you are only monitoring the Safe’s “content”, does it matter if you have placed an ordered and that order hasn’t been received.