Multiple Different Dates for same transaction in Expense A/c

I previously created inventory write-off dated 01/01/2020, as shown in below screenshot:

Today I searched expense account where this transaction is posted and I find out the same transaction showing different dates for the different lines of the same inventory write-off, as shown in screenshot below:

I viewed the transaction with different dates and it opened the same transaction.
I tried checking other transactions and found out not all follow this behaviour.

I am using cloud version on Mac.

This occurred because you wrote off inventory with a write-off date of 01/01/2020 that you did not yet own on that date. As you acquired the different inventory items on later dates, the program immediately wrote them off. In effect, since you cannot write off something you do not have, the program saves the write-off transaction until you have it.

Thanks for the explnation.

@Tut Is there an easy way to know which inventory items from that transaction (or for other transactions) which were posted when owning stock. I mean other than going to each inventory item and checking manually.

Appreciating the help.

I don’t think there are any shortcuts. There are many different possible scenarios, depending on use of delivery notes, goods receipts, and production orders, as well as the workflow in which they are used (the order).