Same inventory transaction shows in different places

In inventory transaction window, the same entry showing in different places. if the problem is minus stock, why cant it shows as a single transaction. I think i made a wrong enty so that the stock is minus now, i was sitting to trace that mistake last two hours, but i couldnt find that mistake because of this.

It is not possible to answer your question without knowing more about the exact nature of all transactions displayed, balance on hand before April 29th, whether you are using delivery notes, etc.

@ahmedansar, can you please click on the “#” column heading so as to resort the reference numbers into ascending order and then repost the screenshot. Currently you have three invoices 1869, 1870 & 1871 all dated 28-04-2018 but Manager has them listed in reverse 1871, 1870 & 1869 which gives the appearance that 1869 has caused the negative stock (-2) where in effect 1871 actually caused the negative stock.

This disorganised listing of logically numbered transactions is why they should be time stamped.
With Managers automatic reference numbering, 1871 can’t be created before 1870 but the listing shows that to be the case, 1871 was created first.

The thing about your suggestion, @Brucanna, is that when the # symbol heading is clicked to sort, the Balance column disappears, because the running balances no longer make sense. So no light will be shed on how things transpired. That is why I asked for more information about the transactions.

Then that just adds weight to having transactions time stamped so that they are (a) correctly listed in transaction order, and (b) the impact on the balance can be accurately seen.

But the existing running balances, due to the disorganised listing of transactions, already doesn’t make any sense.

looks like another example proving the need for timestamps which i had earlier suggested in another topic.

You may be right. Again, that’s why I asked for the transaction details. I definitely agree things look confusing, but until we know what the transactions actually were, I don’t think anyone will be able to tell just what happened. @ahmedansar is missing from this conversation.

For this situation, I’m almost convinced, @sharpdrivetek. The problem I still see is that I don’t think you can depend on users to always input things in chronological order. What do you do if someone entered the various transactions backwards or randomly compared to what actually happened? How would you rid yourself of what are now correct time stamps as far as when transactions were entered, but incorrect as far as running account balances, inventory quantities, etc?

organized accounting practice is something the user needs to follow.

the timestamp anyway would not be the first parameter to sort the list. it would be secondary to the date and reference. so even if a user enters the transactions in the wrong order it would still be sorted by the date which is the present situation in Manager. but to users who enter the transactions in an organized order, adding a timestamp would be beneficial.

Minus stock in itself is not a problem, but if the minus stock shouldn’t have occurred then a transaction or transactions are the cause of the problem. Manager by default re-lists a previous Sales Invoice when a minus stock has occurred.

Unsure what your tracing to date has been but can I suggest that you export the inventory item to a spreadsheet and re-organise the data so as to give a true running balance.

You may need to delete Manager generated transaction such as 1871 on the 29th.
Your 1871 on the 28th has two quantity entries - 123 & 2 - why ?
Your 1869 on the 28th has a quantity of 197, which matches the negative balance, so has the correct inventory item been selected on that invoice

Only you can understand the accuracy of the underlying transactions, no matter how much you explain those transactions beyond being Sales Invoices & Production Orders.

In the end you may need to delete some transactions and re-enter them one at time and validate the balances after each, ensuring that the inventory never goes into minus.

Why is that perceived problem a possible implementation restriction. If a user is hap hazed in their data input then they just lose the benefit of the feature. A user’s noncomplying conduct shouldn’t be the yardstick for features, otherwise Journal Entry, which has the most noncomplying conduct, should be removed.

" @ahmedansar is missing from this conversation" - probably because he is enjoying his weekend . . . .

I am using delivery notes with same date. the actual invoice date is 28th,

I am giving same referance number for production order and sales invoice is of that item.

the same issue happens some time in production order also,

If I delete that blank production order, then the other also will be deleted.

If i delete one invoice, all the three will be deleted. (I tried it right now again)

I saw this issue very long time before, (more than one year). I am sorry for not reporting to you.
I am not from account back groud, so i thought it is the way of accounting.

Another issue is, if we sort with date, it consider the date only not considering month and year

Just a few clarifying questions:

  1. What version of Manager are you using ?
  2. If you saw this issue long before, then perhaps the cause of the issue is also long ago ?
  3. Do you create production orders only to meet sales orders, as it appears that the production order quantity always matches the subsequent sales invoice quantity ?
  4. If yes to (3) then is there a past production order missing or a sales invoice for the wrong inventory item ?
  5. Have you carried out a physical stocktake and compared that to the Manager inventory balances ?
  6. Why does the same Sales Invoice have two entries for the same Inventory Item ?
  1. I always use latest app. current version is 18.4.88
  2. May be, but all these transactions are latest.
  3. yes, I will produce a qty to invoice on next day. To clear the issue now a days i am keeping production date and invoice date same.
  4. I was searching for that missing, but it was difficult because the transaction are doubled.
  5. I am not keeping any stock, produce a qty and make invoice for that qty.
  6. that is my question, I am making only one invoice.

Probably due to there being in the past a minus stock situation and that will continue on until that past situation is corrected.

You may not be keeping finished goods stock, but what about the raw materials required to make the finished goods, do you keep a stock of the those raw materials and if yes, have you ever done a physical stock take to compare to Manager Inventory ?

To make this items, i am not using any raw material (This is just recycling a product)

Yes, that is the issue. (I cleared the difference of production qty and invoice qty).

But when a mistake happens, in transaction window invoice dates, invoice quantities are changing and same invoice showing in different transactions. then it will be very difficult to trace the issue.