Wrong date picked in Profit and Loss Statement

I created a statement for the period from 1/03/2021 to 31/03/2021

In “Ăn uống” expense account, we found inventory write-off 899 - date 4/03/2021

Open to view in detail, we see the date 23/02/2021.

I don’t know what happened. I need a hint to not to worry about the way the numbers we input being shown correctly on the report.

Have you selected the correct date format under settings?


I just see these settingsimage

Maybe the admin account can see what you told.

However, we pick from calendar like this, so I don’t know why the date is different.

It could be that there was not enough inventory in stock on 23/02/2021 to write off the quantity selected

Your screen shots do not show all the details

What version are you using?

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Ya, I have checked the inventory quantity report on 23/02/2021, not enough stock.

You can not write off stock you do not have :slight_smile:

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Sure, I found my solution. Thank you.