Multiple customer single payment

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I have a single business Owner who has 2 companies. Both companies are my customer. Invoicing is done separately for both company. However, the Owner makes full payment of both company from either company.
How to create a single receipt for both invoices.

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It’s definitely possible.

Just leave the customer field under Paid by section blank, or use Other.

Then for each line, you can manually select Accounts Receivable > Customer > Invoice.


Thank you for your swift response. Tried the method suggested. However, after selection the invoice, the amount does not auto-populate . I have to manually fill in the amnt. Anyway for auto-fill??.


Not yet. But it is planned:

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Reviewed the thread. The idea was suggested 2 years ago, but still not implemented…

Any plans for next version / near future implementation on this?

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The developer does not announce schedules or plans. And there are some ideas among the 200+ on the list that have been there much longer.