Receipts and Payments using Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable


I have a similar issue for both Receipts and Payments. For example, If I am being paid for multiple invoices by the same customer and I go to receipts and enter Accounts Receivable and select the customer name and the invoice, it would be good if the value of the invoice could show automatically as well? The amount remains blank:

Same issue with payments. When I select Accounts Payable and select the purchase invoice, the Amount does not populate automatically.

It would be good if that value or amount from the invoice is shown automatically because otherwise I have to open two tabs of Manager just to see the amounts to put in and its time consuming.

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For both cases but explained for receipt only.

You have to add the amount that you received yourself. It could be less or more than the value of the invoice. In other words the amount received may not be the amount invoiced.

In many instances it is better to go to Invoices, select an invoice, view that invoice and click new receipt (see screenshot) if you know it is an exact match.

Or better atill, go to Reports, Customer Statements, unpaid invoices and select the invoices to be paid and then new receipt

Same thing for purchases


I’ve found that Joe91’s method is by far the easiest. It also works well if you only get a partial payment for an invoice - you can adjust the amount received and easily see what’s left over the next time you recieve a payment.

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Yes I used Joe91’s method and it’s very helpful. I completely forgot there was a report for unpaid invoices haha.

Thanks you all for your assistance:)

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