Multiple business names, one file, multiple invoice templates

So i have 2 online business i run and i am soon to add a mobile computer services to my collection too.
All these are under 1 ABN, registered as a sole trader, so they are not really separate entities.

As i only have the one account setup and all businesses share the same account and paypal,
I was looking to have different themes to apply to the invoices with each them having the correct business details (logo, name and contact information)

i noticed that when you select the switch theme option in the new version it changes for every item, where i used to be able to select a template when creating an invoice and it would only apply to that invoice.

Is that feature no longer available? its been a while since i updated :smiley:

Have you read this topic

In the latest version, there is no Switch Theme button for this exact reason.

When it comes to different trading entities under single legal entities, I think this will be something to be supported within the program without need to modify template.

In other words, you’d be able to enter somewhere business details of all trading entities and if you have multiple then on each document there would be dropdown to choose trading entity the document relates to.

Thanks for the reply,
I gather that this is a feature thats not available yet as you have stated,
this is the push i needed, ive been experimenting with Zoho books, but they want a separate subscription per “Trading name”!! only feature they had extra was syncing with bank accounts automatically, which was intermittent at best :expressionless:

I’m going to spend today creating new accounts and registering for 2 more paypal business accounts to split the three into 3 separate files, then create a “loan account” to share finances between the entities with one being the master.

Should fix my issue the hard way :smiley:
looks like ill have to invest in server edition next financial year, Thanks for the great software.

@xn1337, the latest version allows multiple templates. I think this will be solution to multiple brands.

The way it works, first you should create template for each brand under Settings tab, then Templates.

Then when viewing invoice, quote, order, statement etc, use Switch Template button in top-right corner to quickly rotate between templates.

This seems to solve my problem with invoices on my 2 subsidiaries.

Is there a way to handle this with e-mails as well? We have different URLs for the two subsidiaries as one is a manufacturer and the other a retailer. I’d like to be able to have the customer see the correct e-mail that SENT the e-mail as well as just changing the respond to e-mail. I didn’t see any option for this in the e-mail templates. did I miss something or is this an ‘idea’ request?