Question about invoices

Hello i have a problem with invoices. Since i updated Manager.

Problem is i have 2 different businesses. I use 1 manager for those 2 businesses.

So in the past i made a different invoice theme for the different businesses. Now after the last update, after making the invoice he puts the different things of the 2 businesses together on the rigtht side where my details are standing.

When i make an invoice i can choose for 2 templates so i choose the obne for one business. Than i can choose for business area and i choose the same business. But since the update there is something going wrong. And he puts the details of the one business in the other.

Hope someone can help me. I surrounded the things that are not good with a black circle. As you can see these information inside the black circles are twice on the invoice. One for the one company, other for the other company.

So i have put a invoice as exam[ple for what i mean.

It is not clear what you mean by this. Do you mean you keep the accounting records of both businesses under the same business in Manager? This is very poor practice, and there is no reason to do so. You can create separate businesses and keep separate records. See

If you do that, you will have the option for different business details for each business. While there will be no need for separate custom themes, you can have separate custom themes. The themes for one business will not be available for the other.

There have been no changes in recent years (if ever) that would have affected this. What version number were you using previously? And what version number are you on now?

Can you post a screen shot of the Business Details page under Settings?

You may also have erroneously hard-coded information for one business into a theme you believed was for another. But, if you are running multiple businesses as the same business, all themes will be available for both.

Hello TUT.
I do mean that i keep the accounting records of both businesses in one business account.
And i don’t think this is poor practice because both businesses are registered under the same number of the government number. So if i have to do my taxes it goes under one TAX number. If i make 2 seperate businesses i can’t do my tax every 3 months in once but i have to do it for both businesses and the put them together in the taks i’m declaring to the government.

So it are 2 businesses but under the same taks number and registration number in the Netherlands.

Then i don’t know what the problem is and why manager suddenly chooses to put both information of both businesses one one invoice. But that has never heppened before.




Can you please post the screen shot of your Business Details page as I requested above?

Also, does this occur only with one or more of your custom themes, or does it also occur with the built-in Plain theme?

Hello Tut. i made a selection box in the invoice screen so i can choose business. i will send you screen shots of them all.

i do have a word file in where is explained how to install the template for the second business. this is how i did this. I got this from someone from the forum who helped me with this a couple of years ago. (Don’t know who it was anymore). but this is a word file wich i can’t upload here on this forum as far as i know.

In this word file is discribed how i could use the template this person made for me.

Maybe there is a way i can send this to you?




Let me make several points:

  1. This forum is not the place to obtain help debugging your custom themes. Users are responsible for performance of their own themes.
  2. There have been thousands of changes to the program in the past several years. A theme that might have worked on an older version might not work on a newer version. No assurance of compatibility is offered by the developer when new features are added or programming design is modified. That would be impossible, as users do all sorts of things in their own programming, some rigorously compliant with standards, some accidental and very poorly conceived. So, the program’s use of certain variables may have been changed in ways that broke your theme. It will up to you to fix that, if it even remains possible.
  3. When you say you “made a selection box in the invoice screen so [you] can choose [a] business,” you did not. What you have are custom fields that are referenced by your custom theme. But I do not believe those references will have the effect whoever wrote the theme expected. It is even possible that these custom fields were created automatically by an update from some previous feature of the program that is now obsolete.
  4. You have a combination of hard-coding and variable references for your business details that look, on a cursory examination, like they will duplicate information.
  5. You may be expecting data in the address field of your business details to be selectively included, based on your designation of a business area. (I cannot tell with certainty, because the entire field is not displayed in your screen shot.) But that will not happen. All field content will be included unless you proactively suppress portions of it in certain situations with conditional logic. I see no evidence you have done that.
  6. Finally, you did not answer my question about whether this problem occurs when using the Plain theme. If it does not, that proves the issue lies with your custom theme. The Plain theme should display the full content of the address field under Business Details, but only once.

Hello Tut.
Thnx for the answers. And excuses me for not answering your question. The plain theme does work good. that is not a problem.

And again i can sent you a word file where you can read how i set this up so it worked. At least if you want to have a look at it. so you can see exactly what i have done in the past and what worked fine. Also included in the word file is the template which is used for the second business.

Then is my question if there is another possibility to use 2 different invoices (different logo and bank Number, the rest like adress and Phone number etc. are the same)


The setup, maintenance and debugging of custom themes is the responsibility of the user.

The fact that it works using the plain themes means that the errors are in your custom themes. If you haven’t the skill to debug and fix the errors yourself, then you should hire a local programmer

Thnx for the replies. I will search for the errors in the themes, hope i can fix this. or someone knows another way maybe?

By the way, i found it and it was member ISKLERIUS who helped me with this last time.

THNX for the questions.

No, thank you. I am not offering to debug your theme for you.

The only way to do this within one business might be with custom themes. Understand that I am not saying it can be done, because I have not tried. I am only saying that would be the only possibility.

Forum members are welcome to share usage ideas and themes privately. However, the fact that you obtain something from another member in no way implies that it works, does what the other member says it does, or will survive future program updates without breaking. The member from whom you obtain something has no obligation to fix anything that is broken or, if they do, to share that fix with you. And, as I said earlier, the developer has no responsibility for privately developed themes.

My recommendation would be that, if you do not completely understand a custom theme written by someone else, you should not use it. You not only could have trouble keeping it up to date, you might not even recognize problems that come up.

You can make 2 templates and hardcode your company information.

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